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Gyroflug SC01B Speed Canard - 1992, N160MM, 120 TT. This German built airplane is not a homebuilt... It is one of approximately 170 airplanes built by Gyroflug/FFT/Dornier - 3 of which are in the USA. Lycoming O-320-D1A (160 HP), 3-Bladed MT-6 Constant Speed Propeller, 42 Gallon Fuel Capacity, Garmin 155 IFR GPS - Coupled to HSI & Argus 3000 Moving Map, NSD-1000 Slaved HSI with Glideslope, Shadin "Digidata", EDM-700 Graphic Engine Monitor, Terra Radar Altimeter, Electric Attitude Indicator, Terra Audio with Marker Beacons, Dual Terra Coms, Dual Terra Navs. Email me at !

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